Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Xperia™ arc | Android Touch Phone - Sony Ericsson

Xperia™ arc | Android Touch Phone - Sony Ericsson

The great thing about Sony Ericsson mobiles and other mobiles like this brand is that they are GSM phones. GSM phones use a removable SIM card,one that has you contact information (address book),texts and other information you backed up onto the SIM card,plus data and phone plans fromt the provider. All phones for the US market are locked onto the provider;the providers of GSM phones here in the US are at&t and T-Mobile.

With a locked phone you can do two things;unlock (or "jailbreak") the phone,or by an unlocked phone. Unlocked phones have the advantage of you,the owner of the mobile,to be able to put ANYONE'S SIM in the phone. This is a boon for those who travel to the EU or Asia on a regular basis. CDMA phones such as Sprint and Verizon Wireless do NOT have that option,since that radio technology is severely limited to the US and several Latin American countries. Only those with a SIM card can be classified as "world phones",since GSM is the world standard.

Sony Ericsson,through or through Sony Style stores,has genuine Sony Ericsson phones for sale,either through at&t or unlocked.

Unlocked phones seem to be expensive,the reason being is that they are not subsidized through a wireless carrier,who forces you to signup for a two year contract. You own the phone outright,and since it is unlocked,you can put in prepaid SIM cards while travelling,saving money both here on your current mobile phone plan in the US and abroad. Smartphones also have the option of connecting to a WI-FI hotspot;wi-fi is like connecting to your wireless router at home,except on the go. Many hotels,cafes,etc. are wired for wi-fi,enabling you to access,e-mail,make and receive calls via SKYPE mobile (Android models),and watching streaming video and listenin to streaming audio (eg. Pandora),while NOT using minutes or data on your US mobile phone plan.

These reasons are why smartphones are becoming extremely popular. It is like having a mini computer in your pocket or purse. You can access both personal and business e-mail,view text message alerts,get directions via GPS navigation,listeniing and downloading MP3 files,listening to streaming audio and watching streaming video,all on the go.

The major dounside to smartphones are that they are data hogs. What I mean by that is that,even when charging,they are on,sending and receiving data even when inactive. Therefore,I highly recommend unlimited data plans where available,and in the case with at&t,talking to CSR or a supervisor to see if you can qualify for unlimited data. Last month alone,I used 6GB of data;I do not have broadband,and I used my mobile to watch lots of YOUTUBE,other streaming video and audio. Right now,I'm using my Sony Erisson Xperia X10a as modem. Thank God for 3G,that gives me close to broadband speeds on my mobile,making it possible to what I do,upload and download files quickly,stream audio and video without interruption. Just makeing my life easier.

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