Saturday, February 12, 2011


How I loathe to cook!! I like easy and simple meals,something that is good tasting yet easy on the waste. After putting on 25 pounds and all my trousers (good designers that I cannot fit into any longer!),I have changed my diet and eating habits.

What I have been doing now is going for spring mix salads,yet adding with a twist. Instead of a boring salad,I spice it up with adding grilled chicken,shredded mozzarella and chedder,plus spicy dressings I can only find at Whole Foods,my favourite organic supermarket. This spices up a rather mundane meal.

The dressings that I like the most from Whole Foods are Cindy's dressings;they are the same dressings featured in Whole Foods salad bar,yet glass packaged for the consumer. My favourites are the Mango Salsa,Balsamic and the Vidalia Onion. Drizzle these over your salad,and spice up your anytime meal!!

Also,I like to throw on tortellini or ravioli on my salad;good carbs,a different variety,and adding the dressing,a wonderful addition to a usual boring salad.

When I am lazy and want to cook up a regular meal,I buy the Macaroni Grill dinner kits you can find at your local supermarket or Super Wal-Mart. Make sure you can mult-task;boiling the pasta while preparing the meat takes some time coordination. The dinners won't look like they do on the facade of the box,but they are delicious,and a way to prepare a restaurent meal at home at half the cost.

Also,try different meats;veal,pork sausage. And when I make tuna salad,I try to throw in pasta (rotini or small ziti),then adding Lemonaise,where I can only find at Whole Foods. Lemonaise is mayo that they add lemon juice to to give you salads or whatever you use mayo for another kick. I love it!!

If anyone out there has easy,simple meals,please feel free to post. Would love to try them out and see if I can make them myself.

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